DEET-A2-PGC: Pastel/Charcoal/Graphite on canvas

Painting in pastels, graphite or charcoal on canvas
Size: 594 x 420 mm
Please submit clear photographs
All artwork is unframed and prices excl. shipping

R 2 000,00 inc VAT

Deon Deetlefs, South Africa

I am an Architect and use my art as a way of free expression.
Architecture is normally abstract, straight lines conforming
to a dedicated space, where art is freedom on a canvas.
I have always admired realism yet I try and distinguish
depiction of reality from photography which can be
artistic in its own right. I also enjoy creating Fantasy art.

My favourite mediums are pencil and Oils.

Hope you enjoy my work as much as I have in doing them.

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