LUV-MED-UN: Medium unseeded pillow urn - undecorated

Handmade bio-degradable, unseeded pillow urns - undecorated
Ideal for ground and water burials
Size: 40(H) X 145(W) X 110(D)

R 132,83 inc VAT

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Why a Biodegradable Urn?
There are several reasons why one may choose to go with a biodegrable urn.  Mainly people that are environmentally conscious like the benefits of these urns as they give minerals and nutrients back to the Earth and help to preserve the land space.  They offer a perfect solutions for scattering at sea by temporarily containing the cremains and keeping them from blowing everwhere at the time of dispersion. For ground burials, they give an array of beautiful Marigold flowers that can be treasured by those left behind in memory of their loved-one.

How do they work?
Every one of our biodegrable urns is suitable for land or water scattering and can hold the cremains until scattering or burial can be facilitated.  When dispersing the cremains at sea, the biodegradable urn begins to sink in 10-15 minutes and will fully degrade in approximately 2-3 days.  Between the air dispersion, breaking down of the biodegradable bag and the urn sinking you have no blow back. For burial, keeping the ground watered for the seeds to germinate, it will leave you with a beautiful garden filled with Marigold flowers.  A long lasting and fulfilling memory of your loved-one.

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