MARB-K37: Angel in enfolding wings.

Size:       60 (H) x 115 (W) x 100 (D) mm
Weight:  0.25kg

R 344,14 inc VAT

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How do I care and clean my ceramic urns or accessories?
There are several simple steps that can be taken to bring out the best in your ceramics and ensure that you are able to display it in its original beauty.  Please note that these are suggested cleaning methods :
1.  Using a soft paint brush, dust the entire piece.  A hairdryer can also be used to blow dust out of crevices.
2.  If the piece is still soiled, checked to see if it is cold painted, unglazed or completely glazed.
3.  If it is glazed, line the kitchen sink with thick terrycloth towels, then fill with luke-warm soapy water
4.  Completely glazed pieces may be put into soapy water for a few moments and gently washed with a soft cloth.  Rinse with clear water and air dry on a thick pad of newspaper covered with a layer of paper towels or in a rack made to hold dishes for drying.
5.  Do not put cold painted and unglazed pieces in the sink, instead wipe gently with a damp cloth.  Test a hidden area to be sure the piece will not be damaged.  Unglazed pieces can be carefully washed - just don't soak them!

Always test a part of the piece to be cleaned to ensure it does not get damaged with the cleaning process.


If the ceramic accessories is attached to an urn, especially wooden urns, the best option would be 1 and 5.  Be careful as not get any cleaning materials when cleaning your wooden urn onto the ceramic piece. 

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