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Passing of a loved one

The sudden passing away of any person close to you inevitably leaves a huge and painful void and brings us face to face with the fragile existence of our own mortality. The finality of the separation, and the trauma brought about by the realisation that it is a permanent loss can be an almost unbearable anguish.

We acknowledge that it is an inescapable part of the cycle of life, yet we are reluctant to part with the fond memories and deep affection for that person that we still have within our spiritual being. There is a lack of closure, a need to still be near some tangible proof that the dearly departed was a part of our lives. It is therefore an option to find solace by keeping the remains of that someone close by without a morbid fascination transcending the close relationship that was once shared.

The dignity of having such remains kept in a "vessel of love" can in fact help with the healing process, give comfort, peace and a sense of serenity while coming to terms with the painful feelings of loss.

Luv-Urns Can Assist

These same thoughts are a common and shared experience, and allows us to deliver a service with true empathy and genuine care. Make the choice that will allow you to surpass and overcome the present turmoil of a final farewell.

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